Saturday, March 11, 2006

yet another tv rant

why are black and white egyptian movies so cheesy? since our livingroom tv is fixed on rotana um-kalthoom and rotana cheesy-movies i have to hear that crap all the time (its turned up so loud you can hear it around the house).

i have a lactose intolerant reflex whenever that crap comes on. from the cartoon like background music to the stupid "humor" to the love story between the plantation owners who have poor farmers working for them. ohhh... and if its a musical thats just a double whammy especially if its a super classic crappy movie with um-kalthoom in the lead role.

just because it's old doesn't mean its any good. bad movies are bad movies i don't care if people were more civilized back then and (i quote) "had real class". i really don't want to see that stupid guy who looks like ben stiller jumping around like a monkey with "hilarious" background cartoon music. i don't find the final embrace between um-kalthoom and the rich plantation owner's son at the end romantic. i don't think its brilliant that they replace "the end" with "the beginning" at the end. these movies can be lost, it wouldn't be a terrible loss to humanity.


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