Thursday, March 09, 2006

something for everyone

for the karma weirdos out there
why is it i only get sick when i have something i really want to do? i very rarely get sick, but when i do its always when there's something important to do or somewhere important to go. even my immune system is reclusive.

for the careful readers out there
things have been hectic the past couple weeks dealing with the stock market crash. long hours trying to figure out how far its going to go and more importantly when its going to rebound. now is the time to go back in ;-)

for the cold hearted out there
another guy came to the office a couple days ago asking for bus fare to take him back to god knows where. these guys are getting crafty trying to work in the religious sympathy angle, he even asked where the masjid was because he wanted to pray in congregation before he left. lucky for him i wasn't the person who met him at the door.

for the patriotic out there
i like it when i see local guys working at service oriented jobs and doing really well. it makes me feel proud that we are becoming a well rounded society where no job is belittled (and eventually no person will be belittled). however, last week i saw this new guy working at the starbucks branch i frequent. all the guys before him have been great. this guy was sitting reading the newspaper and complaining that he's still sleepy.

for the lovestruck out there
nothing in life thats worth striving for is easy. anything worth having requires work. whatever comes easy will be lost easily.


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