Saturday, March 25, 2006

one day the pigeon, next day the statue

last week i had to attend a forex short course (cuz y'know there's no more money in equities folks.. har har). anyway, sitting on the table next to me was my former highschool chemistry teacher. back in the day he was considered really cool and smart by the kids. well how the tables have turned, he kept asking these really ridiculous questions, kept telling the rest of the guys that he didn't understand what our instructor was getting at and in fact led 3/4s of the course attendees to demand a refund (cuz they clame the instructor was no good, people, of course he's not gonna tell you step-by-step how to get rich, if he knew how he wouldn't be teaching).

reminds of the time when i was teaching back in college (former academic life). there was this guy who i was teaching who i attended class with back in my freshman year! it was surreal, he was the only guy who called me by my first name :-D


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