Sunday, January 29, 2006

suntop and suncola

since i live in my own little world, i'm really not aware of much stuff that doesn't affect me personally. but what i've heard is that some danish newspaper published blasphemous caricatures about our prophet peace be upon him and neither the newspaper or the government will apologize.

now i'm sure they're pulling the free speech card on this issue and they claim that caricatures are satirical of all people. i'm a keen observer of caricatures and while its pretty much anything goes, religious symbols are always off limits. offending 1/6th of the worlds population isn't the smartest thing to do. ok you get some notoriety and sell a couple dozen more issues then what? does the world just really need more hate? ok so maybe moslems are currently the worst people on this earth, look at these peoples' history and understand that they would've been infinitely worse if it weren't for this religion. im just disappointed by the whole thing, i don't think its some zionist conspiracy either, its most likely just a stupid idea by an editor who ended up getting much more than he bargained for.


At 7:36 AM, Blogger Farooha said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Not you too!!

It's coz you didn't get the 192839012738921371290837102983019283019283019283 text messages that I've been getting, that's why you wrote this post!

Yes, and the newspaper and the safeer here have both apologized. The government and the queen didn't, and I don't think they should, li2annuh BIL 3ARABYAH: WESH KARUHUM? Wesh da5alhum? Uffff ufff uffff!


and here:
and here:

AND! can I just say that we LOVE playing the Islamic hero when it's only bagarat we have at stake. Else, it's halla, HALLA wallah 6al 3umrik.
Jat 3la al bagarat y3ny? Malkum ma3roof..
I swear to God this is too funny.
Things can get entertaining in the land of sand (and DRAMA)

That's it. I'm posting about this. I tried to refrain but it's annoying me too much.

At 8:06 AM, Blogger Aliya said...

Unfortunately that newspaper isn't the only one that posts morbid, immoral depictions of the Prophet. I don't understand why you are not offended by this Farah? When have we, as Muslims, offended their prophets. Oh yeah, that's right because we believe in them too! There are limits to freedom of speech people. THERE ARE! Why is it that people think freedom of speech i the ability to offend an individual or group without getting your ass beat? I think it's absolutely repulsive. I am boycotting. You can offend my country but not my religion. Sorry!

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Leilouta said...

Relax...why do we, Muslims, call them infidels? They should get mad too, don't you think?

At 7:48 AM, Blogger Aliya said...

Not really because they call us that too...

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have you _seen_ these pictures you have taken the right to criticize yourself? Can you tell me exactly what other immoral, morbid pictures there are out there?

In Saudi Arabia Christians are _banned_ from publicly believing (practising) in what you call Prophet Isa (correct if I'm wrong) and what Christians call Jesus (Christ). This includes the ban on the symbols and literature of any other religions than Islam (and I do doubt whether all interpretations of Islam are allowed in Saudi Arabia).

Correct me again if I'm wrong now but Islam also maintains that Jesus' followers, apostles and so on, have intentionally misinterpreted his message, doesn't it? Isn't that an insult to figures highly esteemed by people not believing in the way you do?

Isn't it an offense that you think you have the right to dictate _how_ people of another religion should believe in someone who's your prophet?

I think you should have the right to interpret all people you regard as prophets the way you want and I do demand you therefore give me the right to interpret yours then.

By the way, I think fanatic Christians prefer calling people of other religions heathen, not infidels. As if it made any big difference.

Please feel free to boycott anyone as you wish. But then, don't be surprised that this whole mess is currently seriously disturbing the image of Islam in the West.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Aliya said...

First of all anonymous...
Christians denounce the fact that even Jews are not n the correct path. Yes we do believe in that Christians have taken the wrong path. Actually the Bible is totally out of whack because historically discovered by Western scholars that most of what Jesus, supposedly, said was just filler by the anonymous persons who wrote the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Well, let me correct myself. John was written by himself however it was written way after Jesus was "supposedly" put on the cross to save your souls. And yes they did misinterprete it intentionally to appease the Romans and other pagans. Don't get me started on making laws to appease the leaders back then. Catholics can't even figure out whether children who aren't baptized are going to hell or not. So please spare me...

You are dictating how we should think about other people who believe in Jesus... so why are you so bothered by me? If we believe that what we say is true.. then leave us alone.. Christians do the same exact thing to us... No it is not an insult because we are insulting the people not the figures. Believe it or not we hold Jesus a little higher than you do even though you believe that he is the son of God.


Why do you criticize Saudi Arabia? Let's see my dear friend, oh anonymous, how many Christians are there in Saudi? About 0.000000000025% of the population. Oh and they are most likely foreigners. Why should they be there in the first place.

Maybe you can't get it into your little brain that this country was meant for Muslims ONLY! OK? By golly you are welcome to come in and visit or even live but why would you want to live there if you are Christian or Jew in the first place if we are supposedly so bad... Stay where you are.. there are over 100 other countries to live in... Have fun chosing! I like, no... LOVE my country! God Bless Saudi Arabia! Oh yeah and God Bless America too for supporting us..

Do you really think that the common folk of Arabia care what the West thinks of us???? Trust me.. the majority doesn't... You refuse to learn what we are about and you just regurgetate what you hear on the news.. how about opening up a book for a change or possibly taking a course in college perhaps before you go off on us...

Leave us heathens alone and we will leave you infidels alone...

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Aliya said...

Sorry Ahmed.. LOL

At 5:30 AM, Anonymous foreignflare said...

Man... Relax June! Lots of us foreigners live here with NO choice, trying to get along as best we can in a country where our "hosts" generally treat us like dirt. Yes, the cartoons are offensive and in poor taste, but they are no worse than the way Western culture and Christianity are reviled here day in, day out by an unpleasant minority of Saudis. If this country "belongs" only to the Saudis, why are six million foreigners needed here? Can you imagine if we all picked up and left? I can understand why people are outraged, but if you could walk in my shoes for a day or two you would really understand what it means to be humiliated and have your culture maligned. I tried to love this country, because this is now my home, but the climate of fear and hatred just makes it too damn hard...
Go ahead - boycott the butter if it makes you feel better. I'm sorry to be polluting in your "Muslims only" country.

At 6:31 AM, Blogger Aliya said...

I know how you feel because I live in the United States... I live in a tiny almost all white city in Florida... It sucks! You want to know why? Because I can't go outside without being looked at like I am going to bomb something or the way the blurt out words that are too horrible to say.. this is why I am frustrated by the American way of thinking. I am half Caucasian by the way... my mother was born and raised Catholic.. I know how it is from both sides. I understand how it is in Saudi too being treated like dirt because I lived there and saw my mothers treatment... I am not saying that they aren't.. All I am saying is that there are two levels of insult... there is religious insult and country insult... It is not my fault there fools in my country who take Christianity as a religion which lost its path through humans. If people would educate themselves and actually knew the true Christianity and knew the true Islam they would not judge the religion... they would prosicute the people who take it to the level of fanatiscism (I hate this word by the way).. Like I said before.. It is way OK to insult the countries and individuals who use Islam as a way to do what they are doing... It is not Islam's fault.. it is the people's fault.. You do not have to love the country... This is why I am saying it only belongs to the people who have lived there all their lives (Saudis) I've known plenty Americans who went to Saudi and came back syaing it was the worst experience in their life... So I don't understand why people have to go there.. for work?? Go someplace else.. Bahrain is just over the bridge you can have your freedom of whatever over there..

I feel you but then again why are you upset that we are boycotting? I mean it's funny.. Do you remember when Sinead O'Connor ripped a pictur eof the Pope on live television? That was an outrage... They broke every album of hers..

This is the same thing...

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I (and I believe most people reading these comments couldn't either) really can't believe the tone of your arguments. If you want to argue, a more civilized way wouldn't do anything bad to you.

And why do you now have to start mocking Christians and generally everybody who's not Saudi with that ignorant, racist tone anyway? If you want to attack me by that, you don't even know if you succeed or not. Who told you I'm a Christian? Nobody. Wheter I am or not, I won't be telling here either. I could be a Saudi Muslim as well, how do you know?

What I've pointed out is that EVERYBODY should have the right to believe in what he or she wants. If you want to believe in Islam, that's your right. If not, you can pick up another religion or not pick up any. You can also change your religion. Of course most of what I wrote here above don't apply to Saudi Arabia although IMHO they should. How on Earth can you interpret my writing so that I try to dictate? NO, NO, NO. I just try to say and said clearly that nobody should dictate another person's faith or the interpretation of it.

I didn't write Christianity tolerates the Jewish points of view. Neither did I say that what Christianity teaches (or its various denominations!!!) is absolutely true. Most things you can't prove right or wrong. You can't prove Jesus is the Son of God or he isn't but the good thing in Christianity is that theological discussion is possible and mostly encouraged, unlike in Islam when it really comes to the cores issues. Did Allah really talk to Muhammad through an angel and so? Don't write here anything about historical sources, they don't prove here anything. This is a matter of faith and you have the right to take the Quran literally if you wish. A firm, tolerant belief is a beautiful thing.

And could you please be so kind that you refrain from SHOUTING OUT stuff about OPENING MY USELESS MOUTH to me? And why do you have to try to teach me about making your prophet like a war lord? I've never drawn a picture of any of your prophets in my life. Which is good because I'm bad at drawing LOL.

The end of your unfortunate mail is written with such intolerant, racist, bigotic rage that I hardly believed my eyes when I read it. You simply behave like a worst class pseudo-Christian Western redneck demanding that I shouldn't have to right to criticize your country (why not? you can criticvize mine!), why are there foreigners and infidels in Saudi Arabia and all the personal insults which make me seriously doubt what right you have to demand. What if people of your adopted land of residence told the USA is only for Christians and you sandniggers should get out? THE ABOVE IS NOT MY OPINION, just yours translated into Western redneck terminology.

The tone and demands you make are very very similar to racists in the West: like foreigners get out, total lack of respect for minorities and so on.

And why on Earth do you think I don't like Saudis? I know several and have never really had any bad experience with any of them. The same goes even more for other Muslims. I've now been reading various comments on the whole Danish issue lately and I'm proud to pronounce that the most sober and analytical ones are almost exclusively from Muslims.

Of course the funniest part in your e-mail is you yourself live 'abroad' and at the same time you demand foreigners to leave your beloved country. Needless to comment that anymore.

I honestly believe God (whichever way we believe in him or don't believe) would be ashamed of getting support from such petty-looking people you seem to be by misinterpreting my comment, insulting me personally without knowing me and making intolerant and racist comments. God is too great to need you or me.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Aliya said...

well... I am not a foreigner i am a natural born citizen of the United States.. and I do not think that you read my comments correctly.. I don't care who you know and what you know.. You can be form mars.. If you came to Saudi Arabia you would understand that a majority of the people in the country think the way I do..

Do not call me a bigot and a racist because I am not I am stating the obvious. I know in the end religion, when it come sdown to the nitty gritty, is all about faith. I am saying that you people let people like Pat Roberts and his band of morons say whatever they want to say on TV yet you pick on us for having a problem with someone who disrespected someone we respect highly!! WHY?! It's not fair... It's not fair at all..
It's hilarious how pure white Americans think they understand everything from reading a news paper and talking to a few common folk...

un-learned bunch of asses if I've ever seen... I'm glad we're boycotting and I hope it stays that way...

I am not writing again it's a waste of time and all it does is piss me off ...

So I'll just say this one last thing..

This whole world SUCKS...

Sorry again Ahmed.. I'll leave ya alone now...

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, June, settled, I guess now that we both can talk in a civilized way (I can't always either). A slight correction anyway - you write "you people" allowing Pat Robertson and others on the air. Well, nobody ever asked my permission for that ;-). And as I'm not a pure white ass American, I pronounce proudly that I've never ever heard him talk. Still wouldn't ban him from doing that either. Though I guess I haven't missed a lot not having heard his programs...

Seriously, the problem with this whole conflict is what I referred to already. Fanatical morons are PAUSE HERE JUST SAW THOSE CARTOONS ON MY TV!!!!!! BUT I'M NOT SAYING WHICH ONE SO NOBODY STARTS BOYCOTTING MY COUNTRY NOW!!! OK, I was saying that these idiots have truly caused harm to the image of Muslims in countries with other religions. You should see the discussions here: in addition to all sober comments sharing my point of view you have ignorant Muslim haters plus of course all the quasiliberals trying to understand too much everytime it comes to another culture or religion. And NOBODY says what I said: the smartest comments to all this are from sober Muslims which are not represented here but overshadowed by flag burning maniacs.

Which leads my thoughts to the pics I just saw on TV. Oh my God. The Palestinian Authority would literally get bankrupt if the USA and European countries wouldn't support it financially, including paying the salaries of 100,000+ officials and so on. Denmark and Norway are some of the very most generous aid givers in the world. The thank you for all this are death threats, burning flags and photos of the Danish PM and other stuff in Gaza. If I were a Danish taxpayer, I would HATE this.

At 5:49 AM, Anonymous erik said...

We don't.

It's not nice too look at, it does not warm your heart nor does it do any good for the relationship right now.

The people we try to help are not the ones with guns nor the ones who burn our flag.

We try to help the people who are in need, we try to raise the standard of living through develpment and social projects.

We try to help the palestinans estabish a democracy and a state.

And we will continue to do so.


Erik - Denmark


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