Sunday, January 29, 2006

suntop and suncola

since i live in my own little world, i'm really not aware of much stuff that doesn't affect me personally. but what i've heard is that some danish newspaper published blasphemous caricatures about our prophet peace be upon him and neither the newspaper or the government will apologize.

now i'm sure they're pulling the free speech card on this issue and they claim that caricatures are satirical of all people. i'm a keen observer of caricatures and while its pretty much anything goes, religious symbols are always off limits. offending 1/6th of the worlds population isn't the smartest thing to do. ok you get some notoriety and sell a couple dozen more issues then what? does the world just really need more hate? ok so maybe moslems are currently the worst people on this earth, look at these peoples' history and understand that they would've been infinitely worse if it weren't for this religion. im just disappointed by the whole thing, i don't think its some zionist conspiracy either, its most likely just a stupid idea by an editor who ended up getting much more than he bargained for.

Monday, January 23, 2006

lets talk about money

instead of talking about my personal life or some work mishap i thought i would talk about what i actually do for a living, namely economic research. the local stock market is now the preferred vehicle for everyone who wants to get rich quickly. unfortunately most of the day traders are just buying and selling junk stocks like theres no tomorrow. i've overheard teenagers and goat herders discussing stock prices, something is seriously wrong. for example, there is one company which has not made any profits, really has no serious business plan, yet is now trading at more than 17,000 times its actual value. People be careful, the market is overheating and will soon adjust and all of these hyper-overvalued stocks will come crashing down and so will all your invested money.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

guess who's back?