Saturday, May 06, 2006

i keep on fallin'

today witnessed the largest single day drop in the history of the saudi stock market. it bottomed out at a near 10% drop in what has been a sequence of severe corrections which have resulted in a loss of nearly half its peak value. now i'm not going into the in depth socio-economic reasons behind it (i do that for a living). but this is what i want to say..

there is always a chance when investing that you'll make or lose money. the more money you can probably make the more money you can probably lose. it's very simple, high risk means high returns and high losses. so for the people complaining about losing cash on the market, it's the nature of the beast, you should've know what you were getting into.

oh and to the ever important question, when is it going to come back up? well the answer to that, is that it still has a good ways to go down. i just hope the authorities will do the right thing and let it sort itself out and not interfere too heavily, quick solutions will just make things worse in the long run.

Friday, May 05, 2006

as the world turns

the weapon of choice for muslims this new millennium is the "economic embargo". it started against american products (because israel was oppressing the palestinians), it then moved on to the french (because they outlawed all public displays of religion), then the japanese (for blasphemous toys) most recently it reached the danes (because one of their local newspapers published blasphemous cartoons). the recent embargo was very well organized with a monster ad campaign pushing it along.

these embargos of course only hurt local companies, normal workers in their home countries, future foreign investment and pretty much no one else. it is however a very clever way for the organizers to regain clout with the populace after they fell from favor following their recent terrorism rampage. a wise person said, control a man through his mind, a woman through her heart and people through their emotions.

now that the danes have been forgiven, i wonder who's next on the shit list? it has to be a faraway country in order to make use of xenephobia (no one flinched when indians burned down a major historical mosque), they must be much better off economically in order to capitalize on envy (witness muslims killing muslims in darfur) and they cant be arab 'cuz arabs are off limits (they've been jumping up and down about star academy yet no calls for an embargo). therefore, my prediction is that it's gonna be the chinese who are next on their list, you heard it here first!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

one day the pigeon, next day the statue

last week i had to attend a forex short course (cuz y'know there's no more money in equities folks.. har har). anyway, sitting on the table next to me was my former highschool chemistry teacher. back in the day he was considered really cool and smart by the kids. well how the tables have turned, he kept asking these really ridiculous questions, kept telling the rest of the guys that he didn't understand what our instructor was getting at and in fact led 3/4s of the course attendees to demand a refund (cuz they clame the instructor was no good, people, of course he's not gonna tell you step-by-step how to get rich, if he knew how he wouldn't be teaching).

reminds of the time when i was teaching back in college (former academic life). there was this guy who i was teaching who i attended class with back in my freshman year! it was surreal, he was the only guy who called me by my first name :-D

Saturday, March 11, 2006

yet another tv rant

why are black and white egyptian movies so cheesy? since our livingroom tv is fixed on rotana um-kalthoom and rotana cheesy-movies i have to hear that crap all the time (its turned up so loud you can hear it around the house).

i have a lactose intolerant reflex whenever that crap comes on. from the cartoon like background music to the stupid "humor" to the love story between the plantation owners who have poor farmers working for them. ohhh... and if its a musical thats just a double whammy especially if its a super classic crappy movie with um-kalthoom in the lead role.

just because it's old doesn't mean its any good. bad movies are bad movies i don't care if people were more civilized back then and (i quote) "had real class". i really don't want to see that stupid guy who looks like ben stiller jumping around like a monkey with "hilarious" background cartoon music. i don't find the final embrace between um-kalthoom and the rich plantation owner's son at the end romantic. i don't think its brilliant that they replace "the end" with "the beginning" at the end. these movies can be lost, it wouldn't be a terrible loss to humanity.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

something for everyone

for the karma weirdos out there
why is it i only get sick when i have something i really want to do? i very rarely get sick, but when i do its always when there's something important to do or somewhere important to go. even my immune system is reclusive.

for the careful readers out there
things have been hectic the past couple weeks dealing with the stock market crash. long hours trying to figure out how far its going to go and more importantly when its going to rebound. now is the time to go back in ;-)

for the cold hearted out there
another guy came to the office a couple days ago asking for bus fare to take him back to god knows where. these guys are getting crafty trying to work in the religious sympathy angle, he even asked where the masjid was because he wanted to pray in congregation before he left. lucky for him i wasn't the person who met him at the door.

for the patriotic out there
i like it when i see local guys working at service oriented jobs and doing really well. it makes me feel proud that we are becoming a well rounded society where no job is belittled (and eventually no person will be belittled). however, last week i saw this new guy working at the starbucks branch i frequent. all the guys before him have been great. this guy was sitting reading the newspaper and complaining that he's still sleepy.

for the lovestruck out there
nothing in life thats worth striving for is easy. anything worth having requires work. whatever comes easy will be lost easily.

Friday, February 24, 2006

what would you do if you were filthy rich?

the assholes are at it again

i know exactly what i would do if i was mega rich. i would get a small island in the middle of the ocean, go around the world and recruit the best mercenaries and train them to do god's work on earth.

i would go around hunt down, locate and takeout every single terrorists', mentors, parents, siblings, close family, friends and supporters. i would then post pictures of their horribly mutilated bodies on the internet. i want them to feel what pain and punishment is in this life before they get their well deserved reward in the afterlife.

all of the people in my previous list are guilty and need eradication. sorry but im no pussy who believes they are misguided individuals who need "reaching out" and need to be "re-educated", reaching out is with a hatchet to the throat and nothing beats live grenades stuffed up their asses for education. they are pure evil on this earth and need brutal killing plain and simple.

removed by special request

Saturday, February 04, 2006

more questions

guess who actually used up and went beyond his cell phone minutes this month :-D

what happened to common decency? why do people just act all nasty when they're anonymous online? are they all just repressing their hate and bigotry in real life? they must be very very sad people.

where does it say on my forehead "im loaded and love giving handouts to beggars"? i have no sympathy with beggars, im sorry, i'm convinced they use the money to buy drugs or fund terrorism. so go away and stop whining.

why ummm.. im outta questions, i'll think of something later.. maybe.

how badly? more than you can possibly imagine.